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Proposales has been awarded best RFPs & Proposal management software by Hotel Tech Awards 2022Proposales has been awarded best RFPs & Proposal management software by Hotel Tech Awards 2023
Radisson Blu
Castilla TermalCastilla Termal

We use Proposales for all our hotels and it’s really helping us to lower the workload where we have high volumes of RFP’s coming in.

Lucia Pumares
Sales Director

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Nordic Choice HotelsNordic Choice Hotels

Proposales saves us up to 25,000 hours a year on creating and editing proposals. This helps us boost our guest experience as well as our bottom line.

Anant Vithlani
Vice President Sales

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While searching for a service provider that makes offers more attractive, we came across Proposales. The team of Proposales have developed a program that we believe is unrivalled on the market. It is fast, innovative and definitely more attractive than the classic PDF documents. The team is also great. Super fast and uncomplicated communication and always solution oriented.#ilike

Feray Özcan
Operations Manager
Quality Hotel 33

We experience faster accepts from our customers, as they can open the proposal on their phone and click accept instead of having to print, sign and scan. For me, as a GM, it has become much easier and clearer to follow up on outstanding proposals and to see who accepts a new contract. In other words, we are delighted with Proposales at Quality Hotel 33!

Annelie Tell
General Manager
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Radisson Blu

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