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Proposales allows us to centralize all quotes from our hotels per establishment. It enables simplified management of signatures and follow-ups.

In the bustling world of the hospitality industry, managing hotel proposals efficiently can be the difference between securing a guest's booking and losing it to the competition. Proposales has been at the forefront of revolutionizing how hotels create, send, and manage their proposals. A shining example of Proposales' impact can be seen through the experience of IECH Services, a dynamic hotel management company that operates a diverse portfolio of independent brands alongside franchises of global giants like Accor and IHG.

Streamlining Operations with Innovative Solutions

At the helm of IECH Services' proposal management transformation is their dedicated team, who oversee the seamless integration of Proposales into their daily operations. The tool's ability to centralize all quotes for each establishment has significantly streamlined the management of signatures and follow-ups, a task that was once cumbersome and time-consuming.

"Proposales allows us to centralize all quotes from our hotels per establishment. It enables simplified management of signatures and follow-ups."
Caroline Alaguiry
Sales Director

The Proposales Advantage

What sets Proposales apart, according to Caroline Alaguiry, is its simplicity and ease of use. In an industry where every minute counts, being able to quickly learn and utilize a tool can drastically improve productivity and customer response time. The direct integration with major property management systems is another feather in Proposales' cap, ensuring that hoteliers can effortlessly sync their operations without the hassle of manual data entry.

Beyond Proposals: A Partnership for Success

IECH Services' journey with Proposales is more than just about enhancing proposal management. It's about embracing a tool that understands the nuances of the hospitality industry. This synergy has not only improved the operational efficiency of IECH Services but also underscored the importance of leveraging technology to stay ahead in a competitive market.

As Proposales continues to innovate and support the hospitality industry, stories like that of IECH Services serve as a testament to the transformative power of the right tools in the hands of those who aspire to offer unparalleled guest experiences.

The tool is easy to use and to learn, which is essential in today's hospitality industry.

Caroline Alaguiry

Sales Director

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