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The modern way to send proposals

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Proposales helps hotels boost sales even with a reduced sales team — upgrade to a modern RFP process and become 5-8x faster.

Nordic Choice HotelsNordic Choice Hotels

Proposales saves us up to 25,000 hours a year on creating and editing proposals. This helps us boost our guest experience as well as our bottom line.

Anant Vithlani
Vice President Sales

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Fast. Easy. Customer-friendly.

  • Send proposals in seconds

    Respond faster to requests. More time to understand the need and advise with personal recommendations.

    Hotel proposal
  • Automated upselling

    Interactive proposals makes it easy for the recipient to adjust quantity and select addons directly in the proposal.

    Meeting room in hotel proposal
  • Collect invoicing details, automatically

    Win the deal first. Thereafter ask for the invoicing details in a customer-friendly way. Speed up the internal workflow.

    Form to collect invoicing details
    Save 10-15 minutes per proposal
  • Easy accept with e-signature

    Make it easy for the guest to accept the proposal online, with instant confirmation.

  • No more guesswork

    Stop sending your proposals into a black hole. With Proposales you can follow what’s happening, see why your prospects haven’t accepted your proposals yet and follow-up.

  • 100% follow-up of every proposal

    Actionable view notifications and follow-up recommendations. Nothing will fall through the cracks.

  • Search

    Find it faster. Every proposal you send is automatically organized. Search by customer, date or booking number.

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It feels like we've always used Proposales, and we cannot imagine how we would manage our daily workload without it. I love it!

Karin Andersson
Karin Andersson
Inhouse Sales Manager

Made for hotels just like yours.
High ROI with flat license fee: all-inclusive

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Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts
Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers
Nordic Choice Hotels

The modern way to send proposals.
#1 proposal tool for hotels

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