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Proposales modern way interface to send proposals.

#1 proposal tool for hotels

The modern way to send proposals.

Create mobile-friendly and interactive proposals with ease. Respond to incoming requests faster than ever before. Built-in e-signatures turns the proposal into a legally binding contract.

All you need to sell more. And faster.

Proposales is built around simplicity so that everyone quickly can create business proposals. Proposals are sent directly from Proposales and works beautifully on mobile and desktop.

Inbox widget to collect requests on your website

Collect RFPs on your website with the Inbox widget. More qualified leads than your traditional web form.

E-sign, invoice & pay

Seal the deal the modern way with a click. Ask for invoicing detail and generate payment links automatically.

Simple and intuitive proposal builder

Respond faster to requests. More time to understand the need and advise with personal recommendations.

Data insights & reports

Understand which deals you are winning and why. Our proposal format offers full advantage of structured data.

Proposales™ is trusted by hundreds of hotels and chains.

Voted the #1 proposal tool for hotels.


Connect with your PMS

When sending the proposal, a tentative block is created in your PMS. When the proposal is e-signed the block/booking will automatically be set to ‘DEF’ (“definite booking”). If a proposal gets rejected or expires, the tentative inventory will instantly be released.

What our client says

It feels like we've always used Proposales, and we cannot imagine how we would manage our daily workload without it. I love it!

Karin Andersson

Inhouse Sales Manager

How it works

Respond to RFPs faster with a streamlined workflow

Stop sending your proposals into a black hole. With Proposales you can follow what’s happening, see why your prospects haven’t accepted your proposals yet and follow-up.

Send proposals in seconds

Respond faster to requests. More time to understand the need and advise with personal recommendations.

Easy accept with e-signature

Make it easy for the guest to accept the proposal online, with instant confirmation.

Proposales interface showing some feature of our proposal management