#1 proposal tool for hotels

Trusted by hundreds of leading hotels.

Be inspired by the modern hotel brands that already uses Proposales to streamline their RFP & proposal workflow.

Organized system that easily tracks proposals and simplifies management.

Fantastic system that’s simple to use with good customer service.

We present ourselves as modern and professional throughout the sales process, enhancing efficiency. Overall, this is a recommendable solution that accelerates contract acceptance.

Provides a clear overview of proposals and simplifies making content and attachment amendments. It is also straightforward to learn and use.

Simple, fast, and user-friendly for both our team and clients. Attaching files, adding products, making adjustments, and ensuring clarity for client reading and understanding are all effortlessly managed.

This tool stands out for its usability and effectiveness, offering significant improvements in response times and elevating the perception of the proposals delivered to clients.

It saves time and brings in more business. It's a win-win.

Time saving and attractive proposals making it easier for guests to accept.

Clear and professional proposal for the customer.

Easy and fantastic tool to make personalised proposals.

Discover how Thon Hotels streamlined their sales process with Proposales and SuperOffice.

Very handy and easy to use.

With Proposales, we've boosted our confirmed group bookings and optimized our working hours, both crucial to our success.

Proposales allows us to centralize all quotes from our hotels per establishment. It enables simplified management of signatures and follow-ups.

Fast offers, nice handling and interesting reports.

Excellent experience for us and our clients.

Solved all our Group proposal problems.

Simple to use and helps with conversion.

Since the sales team started using Proposales, I would say that 30% of their time has been freed up.

Elite Hotels of Sweden have selected Proposales, the leading RFP & proposal software for hotels, as its provider for all of their hotels. With over 40 hotels and venues across Sweden, they are one of the leading hotel operators in the region.

We use Proposales for all our hotels and it’s really helping us to lower the workload where we have high volumes of RFP’s coming in.

Proposales saves us up to 25,000 hours a year on creating and editing proposals. This helps us boost our guest experience as well as our bottom line.

While searching for a service provider that makes offers more attractive, we came across Proposales. The team of Proposales have developed a program that we believe is unrivaled on the market. It is fast, innovative and definitely more attractive than the classic PDF documents. The team is also great. Super fast and uncomplicated communication and always solution oriented. #ilike

Feray Özcan

Operations Manager

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