Nestled in the tranquil valley of Canyamel and echoing the traditional style of a Mallorcan hilltop village, Cap Vermell Grand Hotel Mallorca stands out as a premier 5-star luxury resort. This resort is a sophisticated canvas where couples can paint their dream weddings, surrounded by the lush beauty of olive and lavender gardens with the breathtaking backdrop of mountains and sea. The hotel’s dedication to local art and culture provides a unique, luxurious retreat, ensuring every wedding is as unique and memorable as the couple’s own love story.

With the integration of Proposales, the hotel has enhanced its client engagement, providing visually captivating proposals that give a clearer view of this idyllic venue and its offerings. Ana Galán, the Groups and Events Manager, praises Proposales for transforming their proposal process, making it more professional and appealing to clients.

Previously, we relied on standard PDF documents. Switching to Proposales has made our proposals far more captivating to clients, providing them with a clearer view of our venue and services.

Ana Galán

Groups and Events Manager

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