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#1 proposal tool for hotels

A seamless connection for a faster RFP process with the Mews & Proposales integration

Hotels who are looking for a comprehensive solution to streamline their proposal processes will find their answer in the two-way integration between Proposales and Mews.

Your PMS booking information flows directly into a modern, beautifully looking and mobile-friendly proposal format in Proposales.

Opera Cloud & Proposales Integration

The Proposales™ & Mews
integration is used & loved by hundreds of hotels and chains.

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Book a free consultation session for a demo of the integration

But the best way to understand the Proposales & Mews integration is to see it: Sign up for a free consultation session with a Proposales™ representative.

Effortless proposal creation & dispatch for more group bookings

Save time and reduce the risk of human error by accessing and leveraging real-time information in both systems: 

1. Create proposals with Mews booking data directly in Proposales

All Mews products with their live availability information are directly available within Proposales to instantly and easily build proposals.

2. Send proposals & have your data in Mews directly updated

When sending the proposal, Mews automatically generates reservations for the included products over the specified period.

A streamlined RFP workflow built for success.

Proposales is built around simplicity and connectivity so that your sales team can create, send and reply faster than ever before to visually appealing business proposals. Connect your PMS and see your RFP’s converting into accepted deals at the speed of light.

Inbox widget to collect requests on your website

Collect RFPs on your website with the Inbox widget. More qualified leads than your traditional web form.

E-sign, invoice & pay

Seal the deal the modern way with a click. Ask for invoicing detail and generate payment links automatically.

Custom branding & streamlined content

Standardize fonts, colors, menus, and other branding items to ensure brand consistency across all hotels.

Data insights & reports

Understand which deals you are winning and why. Our proposal format offers full advantage of structured data.

Join the modern way to send proposals.

Enjoy a booking experience of this era that is fully web-based, interactive, mobile-friendly, visually appealing, and extremely fast.

Understand how leading hotels already use Proposales to sell faster (and smarter)


Is the availability information live or is there a delay during proposal creation?

The availability check is live at the moment it is initially displayed, ensuring real-time insights during the proposal creation process.

Can prices with locked rates in Mews be altered with a new price via Proposales?

No, locked prices in Mews cannot be altered via Proposales; they remain as set in the Mews configuration.

If a proposal is modified to include more rooms, what happens to previously blocked rooms in Mews?

The system automatically updates existing bookings in Mews when a new proposal version is sent, eliminating the need for manual cancellation.

Is there a limit to the number of products that can be imported from Mews to Proposales?

No, there is no limit to the number of products that can be imported, offering flexibility in creating comprehensive proposals.

How does the integration handle multilingual product information from Mews?

Proposales imports product titles in different languages, ensuring a seamless presentation of content in Proposales.