How it works

Respond to RFPs faster with a streamlined workflow

Stop sending your proposals into a black hole. With Proposales you can follow what’s happening, see why your prospects haven’t accepted your proposals yet and follow-up.

Inbox & RFP Management Collect RFPs on your website with the Inbox widget. More qualified leads than your traditional web form. Respond faster to request.

Send proposals in seconds Respond faster to requests. More time to understand the need and advise with personal recommendations.

Easy accept with e-signature Make it easy for the guest to accept the proposal online, with instant confirmation.

Screenshot of the Proposales' dashboard

Cost Saving vs Revenue Boost.

In times where streamlining and cost-saving is important, Proposales is the tool to quickly adapt and keep sales flow even with a reduced sales team. When the industry is back to how we remember it Proposales enables you to boost revenue at every step of the sales process — with minimal effort.

Insights to help you stop guessing.

When you start using Proposales you'll understand how much you don't know about your sales process today. As manager you will be able to overview all the sales activity. Uncover to understand where to focus — replacing the guesswork with data insights.

Made for hotels just like yours.

High ROI with flat license fee: all-inclusive

Understand how leading hotels already use Proposales to sell faster (and smarter)