For Hotels

Hoteliers’ best kept secret to make the most out of every RFP with ease

A faster, smarter way to convert RFPs into bookings. Everything you need to increase your hotel’s revenue.

RFP Inbox

A more efficient way to respond to RFPs

One inbox for all your incoming RFPs. Integrates seamlessly into your existing website RFP form.

Proposal Builder

Create and send proposals in seconds

With templates it’s super fast to duplicate and send proposals. Save time and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Sales Automation

Effortlessly get the most out of every proposal

Interactive proposals makes it easy for the recipient to adjust quantity and select addons directly in the proposal.

Conversion Insights

Full campaign tracking, from RFP to booking

Finally, a way to keep track of proposal conversion. Measure and analyse ROI of your ad campaigns – match RFPs with bookings to see which campaigns that delivers revenue.

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