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The Ultimate Proposal Software Guide for Hotels

Published on
October 3, 2023

In the last decade hotels have completely overhauled their websites and consumer booking experiences to meet demands of modern travelers and keep pace with ecommerce best practices.

Surprisingly, group booking processes have not kept pace despite group business often being the most profitable and even largest percentage of bookings for many convention and business focused hotels.

Proposal management software leverages the same user experience best practices that consumers have grown accustomed to and gears them towards B2B (business to business) purchases. Proposal management software helps hotels provide a fast and seamless experience for travel managers to book trips for their teams.

This software does everything from enabling proposals to be sent in seconds with automated upselling of spaces like meeting rooms, automated invoice collection, e-signature, and even digital payments.

On the backend, proposal management software makes it easy for sales managers at hotels to quickly and beautifully send proposals then quickly search, modify and analyze historical or pending proposals to save time and make more money.

What's inside?

  • Key Benefits
  • Trends & Developments
  • Key Features
  • Critical Integrations
  • Pricing & Implementation
  • Questions to Ask Vendors
  • ROI Calculator
  • Curated Resources

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