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Proposales recommends: The 10 best podcasts for hoteliers in 2023

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September 25, 2023
Proposales recommends: The 10 best podcasts for hoteliers in 2023
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The podcast landscape has witnessed significant growth in recent years and by 2025, global listeners are expected to surpass 500 million - around 23.5% of all internet users.

This comes to no surprise since the podcast universe offers something for everyone and for many, podcasts have become more than just a source of entertainment; they've evolved into a valuable wellspring of information. No matter your interest, there's likely a perfect podcast waiting for you.

In this post, we'll delve into 10 of the hospitality industry’s favorite podcasts, spotlighting the wealth of incredible content available to industry professionals in the MICE sector to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Hospitality Marketing

  • Host: Loren Gray
  • Topics: Hotel marketing strategies, trends & tools
  • Episodes: 190
  • Launch Year: 2019
  • Duration: Typically 15-30 minutes
  • Where to listen: Apple Podcast & Deezer
  • Frequency: Weekly

About the Podcast: The Hotel Marketing Podcast is your go-to resource for the latest hotel marketing strategies. It covers everything from digital marketing trends to tools, helping hoteliers boost bookings and revenue through the newest best practices in the Marketing space.

Listen to if you are interested in: Mastering modern hotel marketing strategies and maximizing revenue through digital channels, tools and best practices.

Proposales recommends episode: "How to redefine new KPI's'” (Episode 412), which gives an insight into the best tools and approaches going beyond GA4 for data analysis.

2. Hospitality Mavericks

  • Hosts: Michael Tingsager and Steven Ball
  • Topics: Hospitality leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, career
  • Episodes: Over 270
  • Launch Year: 2018
  • Duration: Typically 1h
  • Where to listen: Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Castro &Captivate
  • Frequency: Weekly on Thursdays

About the Podcast: Hospitality Mavericks explores leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the hospitality industry. Hoteliers can learn from experts how to improve customer experiences and lead their teams effectively. The podcast primarily focuses on making a positive impact on people, communities, and the planet.

Listen to if you are interested in: Elevating your leadership skills and career, driving digitalization & innovation, and for expert best practices.

Proposales recommends episode: Deepak Ohri, Chief Happiness Officer at lebua Hotels & Resorts, on the Power of Education and Mentoring (Episode 211), which is all about how he came to run a hotel and discusses the importance of balancing material desires with principles.

3. No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman

  • Host: Glenn Haussman
  • Topics: Travel & hotel industry news, trends, and interviews
  • Episodes: 1,161
  • Launch Year: 2014
  • Duration: Typically 3-60 minutes
  • Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, YouTube & Spotify
  • Frequency: Daily

About the Podcast: No Vacancy is your source for the latest news and insights in the hotel & travel industry. Glenn Haussman interviews industry leaders, discusses trends, and provides valuable analysis for frequent travelers, leisure explorers and professionals within the hospitality industry, covering a wide range of topics.

,Listen to if you are interested in: Staying updated on the latest trends, gaining insights into consumer behavior

Proposales recommends episode: "Robotics in Hospitality'' (Episode 796) with Micah Estis Green, Founder & CEO of Tailos about the future of hospitality robotics and its role in lowering expenses while increasing profitability.

4. The Proven Principles Hospitality Podcast

  • Host: Adam Knight
  • Topics: Hospitality processes, tactics & habits of experts
  • Episodes: Over 115
  • Launch Year: 2019
  • Duration: Typically 40-50 minutes
  • Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Deezer, Spotify & YouTube
  • Frequency: Monthly/quarterly

About the Podcast: Whether you're in the hotel business or short-term rentals, this podcast is designed to unravel the mysteries of the hospitality industry by Adam Knight, Co-Founder of Recreation Vacation Rentals, a seasoned hospitality veteran with 25 years of experience spanning luxury brands and independent hotel companies. The podcast aims through interviews with experts, to dissect the strategies and practices of hospitality professionals and top achievers.

Listen to if you are interested in: Digitalisation, innovation, establishing processes, entrepreneurship or HR processes.

Proposales recommends episode: The New World of Revenue Management: Kate Burda, Kate Burda & Co  (Episode 58) as it explains how to rethink and approach the trifecta of Revenue Management, Sales, and Marketing in a new light post-pandemic.

5. The Hotel Design Podcast

  • Hosts: Glenn Haussman and Baskervill
  • Topics: Hotel Design trends, architecture, and innovation
  • Episodes: Over 25
  • Launch Year: 2018
  • Duration: Typically 20-50 minutes
  • Where to listen: Apple Podcasts &YouTube
  • Frequency: Every 54 days

About the Podcast: The Hotel Design Podcast explores the world of hotel design and architecture through some of the world’s biggest names in the industry.

Listen to if you are interested in: Staying updated on and getting inspiration from the latest hotel design & architecture trends.

Proposales recommends episode: Amy Hulber, VP of Boutique and Upscale Brands at Best Western® Hotels & Resorts  (Episode 6). Amy unveils her design strategy for adapting to evolving hotel room sizes and discusses the art of reimagining guestroom layouts creatively to maximize efficiency in smaller spaces while maintaining the same spacious feel as traditional hotel rooms.

6. Hospitality Revenue Management Podcast

  • Host: Loren Gray & Lily Mockerman
  • Topics: Revenue management strategies, pricing, profit optimization, sales - marketing convergence
  • Episodes: Over 30
  • Launch Year: 2018
  • Duration: Typically 20 minutes
  • Where to listen: Apple Podcasts & Spotify
  • Frequency: Bi-weekly

About the Podcast: This podcast is a treasure trove of revenue management insights. Hoteliers can learn practical and immediately applicable best practices for revenue management including exercises that ease the implementation.

Listen to if you are interested in: Driving revenue, aligning the Sales and Marketing department, easy applicable best practices through hands-on exercises.

Proposales recommends episode: Proactive Selling – What to Ask, When to Ask, and Why You Aren’t Getting a Response (Episode 30), in which Amy Infante, CEO and founder of GitGo, a B2B sales tool for the Hospitality and travel industry, discusses the tech and marketing and marketing and sales collaboration to enable sellers to be more effective.

7. The Hospitality Mentor

  • Host: Steve Turk
  • Topics: Entrepreneurship, career, hospitality best practices
  • Episodes: Over 80
  • Launch Year: 2022
  • Duration: Typically 1h
  • Where to listen: Spotify & Apple Podcasts
  • Frequency: Weekly

Listen to if you are interested in: Taking your career to the next level, starting a business in the hospitality industry

About this podcast: Steve Turk’s podcast delves deep into the personal narratives of some of the most accomplished Hospitality Professionals worldwide and uncovers their paths, explores the highs, lows, and unexpected twists in their journeys, all while discovering the genuine requirements for success in the captivating realm of hospitality.

Proposales recommends episode: Mychal Millian, General Manager / Director of Complex Operations at Dania Pointe Marriott Hotels (Episode 80), about his hospitality journey.

8. Lodging Leaders Podcast

  • Host: Jon Albano & Judy Maxwell
  • Topics: Hospitality industry interviews, trends & challenges
  • Episodes: Over 170
  • Launch Year: 2015
  • Duration: Typically 15-30 minutes
  • Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Stitcher
  • Frequency: Released weekly

Listen to if you are interested in: Staying updated on industry trends and news. For forward-thinking insights and actionable takeaways.

About this podcast: The longest running, top-ranking hospitality podcast, Lodging Leaders received a Bronze Stevie® Award in 2020 for Podcast of the Year. Each episode leverages modern media such as closed captions, chapter markers, and an expanded multimedia report. But what makes it truly unique is its depth of interviews with hospitality experts and other thought leaders.

Proposales recommends episode: Breaking Away: How to recruit and retain young hospitality professionals in a post-pandemic industry (Episode 158). Nicolas Graf, associate dean, clinical professor and chair of New York University’s Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality, discusses the new-found trend of flexibility for the retention of employees in today’s post-pandemic world and what it means to attract and retain bright young talent as part of a sustainable hotel business practice.

9. The Turndown

  • Host: Sébastien Leitner
  • Topics: Hospitality industry interviews, trends & challenges
  • Episodes: 9
  • Launch Year: 2023
  • Duration: Typically 30-60 minutes
  • Where to listen: Apple Podcasts, Spotify & Google Podcasts
  • Frequency: Released weekly

Listen to if you are interested in: Digitalisation & automation, best practices, providing a better guest experience

About this podcast: The podcasts, hosted by Cloudbed’s Sébastien Leitner, engages in conversations with top-tier hospitality executives and industry luminaries as they discuss their most recent hurdles and triumphs, the sources of inspiration and groundbreaking ideas that drive them, and the valuable life lessons acquired while navigating this dynamic, albeit gratifying, field.

Proposales recommends episode: Giancarlo Carniani: What happens when you unleash your hotel’s power? (Episode 1) about hotel room rates, recruitment, labor shortages and his own experiences during Covid-19.

10. Hotel Tech Podcast

  • Host: Glenn Haussmann & Estella Hale
  • Topics: Hotel Tech
  • Episodes: Over 10
  • Launch Year: 2022
  • Duration: Typically 30 minutes
  • Where to listen: Apple Podcasts & YouTube
  • Frequency: Released weekly

Listen to if you are interested in: Digitalisation & automation trends, recommendations & best practices

About this podcast: The Hotel Tech Podcast garnered an impressive 70,000 downloads by its 20th episode and has an average of 3,500 plays per episode. The podcast assists the hospitality sector in maintaining a constant edge by sharing cutting-edge and smart technological solutions tailored for the hospitality industry. The primary objective is to empower hotels and resorts to streamline their operations, gaining deeper insights into their guests, and ultimately boosting profitability.

Proposales recommends episode: Artificial Intelligence-An Exciting Time For Hotels (Episode 20) discusses how AI and machine learning is currently achieving and will achieve in future for hotels.

Tune in these top 10 podcasts for hoteliers in the MICE industry will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel in this competitive field. Whether you're looking to boost your hotel's marketing efforts, improve guest satisfaction, or stay updated on the latest industry trends, these podcasts have you covered.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Just have a look at Hospitality FM’s database for more inspiration.