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Proposales partners with Hotels for Trees to help planners organize greener events

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February 22, 2022
Proposales partners with Hotels for Trees to help planners organize greener events
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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, Proposales, the award-winning RFP management solution, has partnered with Hotels for Trees, a young Dutch foundation committed to making the world of hospitality greener by planting trees.

Hotels for Trees works with hotels to encourage guests to opt out of daily room cleaning. Every time a traveler chooses to do so, the property sponsors a tree. This brings multiple benefits. First, it balances out part of the carbon emissions generated by selling the room. Second, it reduces the property’s housekeeping costs, water consumption and use of cleaning products.

We’re excited to work with Hotels for Trees and spread the word about their mission since we believe in a greener hospitality and events industry. Their concept is easy to communicate and implement, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with our partners. It’ll be fascinating to see the number of new trees grow with every event they organize.

Joakim Green

CEO at Proposales

To get the ball rolling and celebrate this new partnership, Proposales has pledged to fund 250 trees now and 50 more every month. The team is also developing a Hotels for Trees module which properties can include in their interactive event proposals. It will allow planners to offset part or all of the CO2 caused by their event. This gives them the chance to consciously make a choice for the environment with the click of a button. For transparency, the foundation tracks and publishes all results and the supported (re)forestation projects on its website, so participants can see where their contribution is making a difference.

Given that Proposales supports a large client portfolio in the groups and MICE domain, the positive impact of this new partnership will compound quickly. This marks another important step towards a more sustainable hospitality industry.

“At Hotels for Trees we are seeing that all conference & event hotels that join us show a very strong performance when it comes to converting savings on stayover cleaning cost into newly planted trees,” said Floris Licht, Chief Tree Planting Officer for Hotels for Trees. “This is because companies (and their employees) organizing events at these hotels are increasingly looking for venues with a more sustainable approach to doing business. As such, we are thrilled about our strategic partnership with Proposales and hope to be able to connect many more conference & event hotels to our initiative linked to this cooperation.”

While Hotels for Trees is still a new foundation, they’ve already seen great uptake among hotels since going live in July 2021. They currently work with over 40 hospitality businesses and have planted more than 7,000 trees since embarking on their mission. Their partners include small, medium and large hotels from a wide variety of labels and brands as well as hotel tech provider Mews. More collaborations with key hospitality industry players are already in the pipeline.

"Today, more and more hotels are looking for ways to make their operations sustainable. But apart from the environmental aspect, there’s also the business side. Event planners are increasingly looking for partners who commit to greener practices. Our collaboration with Hotels for Trees will allow hotels to make clients part of their sustainable initiatives and show them that their business is having a positive impact on the environment. It’s fantastic to be contributing to this worthwhile cause and we’re looking forward to planting many trees in the years to come," Joakim Green concludes

About the Hotels for Trees Foundation

The Hotels for Trees Foundation contributes directly to a greener hotel world. A hotel world in which one new tree is planted each time a guest chooses to skip the daily room cleaning. The impact of this green choice can already be seen on the Hotels for Trees website the very next day and directly contributes to (re-)forestation projects of partner Trees for All across the globe.

About Proposales

Proposales allows hotels to create, send, edit and sign off on proposals the modern way. The simple tool helps hotels boost revenue at every step of the MICE & Group sales process. By using the easy drag and drop proposal creator, sales teams can put together beautiful, engaging and editable proposals in minutes. The option to include possible add-ons opens the door to effective, hassle-free event upselling and boosted revenue. Finally, the e-signature and integrations with hotel management software ensure a seamless sales process.