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8 Ways to increase your event proposal’s conversion rate with visual content

Published on
December 13, 2021
8 Ways to increase your event proposal’s conversion rate with visual content
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In the age of short attention spans, you need a way to keep potential guests interested in your proposal. But how can you share all the important details and still keep it short and sweet?

Keep your proposal short and to the point, or your prospect may lose interest.

No doubt you’ve heard or read this advice, probably even on the Proposales blog.

While this is an important pointer to keep in mind, including information that makes potential clients want to sign is also essential.

But how can you do both?

Here’s a clue: think of the saying “a picture says more than a thousand words.”

Let’s take a look at how you could apply that to your proposals…

Why is visual content so important in proposals?

Visual content such as images and videos makes your proposal stronger in two ways.

1. It makes your property stand out

Let’s be honest. Most event proposals today are boring PDFs with too much text. They all look the same to planners who have to go through countless offers every day.

If you include just a few high-quality images or even a video, your proposal will grab your potential client’s attention.

Research has shown that 95% of B2B buyers prefer shorter and highly visual content formats while 86% expressed a desire for interactive or visual content.

Marketers have also found that video makes readers spend more time on your proposal. That’s one reason why it can boost conversion rates by up to 80%.

2. It sells the feeling and atmosphere your venues offer

An engaging description of your venue, products and services can paint a vivid picture of what guests can expect from you. This draws them in and gets them excited for your offering.

Powerful visual content takes this to the next level. It brings the property you’re describing to life in your reader’s mind and can create a positive emotional response. Captivating images and videos portray a venue’s atmosphere, design and feeling more impactfully than words ever could.

If potential guests have come for a site inspection, visuals refresh their memory and remind them of what they liked about your venue. But especially if they couldn’t visit, they’re vital to showcasing your property and how you’ll realize your client’s vision.

After going over why visuals are so important, let’s examine how you can put them to work in your proposals.

Breathing life into your event proposals with visual content

The following eight tips will help you leverage the power of images and video. It’s time to make your proposals unforgettable and irresistible!

1. Use high-resolution, professional footage and images

Even though some smartphones take great shots, take pictures and videos for your proposals with a professional camera. A proposal management platform like Proposales scales large files to display them properly on various devices.

2. Showcase your USP

Before shooting, think about what sets your venue apart. Is your ballroom on the rooftop? Can you get a car into your function space? Highlight this in your video or photos to capture your venue’s essence and wow prospective clients.

3. Show your venue with guests

Use images with people to show your venue in action. It allows the prospect to picture the event and their guests spending time there. Seeing people enjoy your venue can make others think “I want this too” and increase your chance of getting their business.

Think of a wedding, for example. It’s a happy occasion, so show guests dancing and having a good time. The same goes for your F&B offerings. Instead of boring food photos, choose images of guests enjoying their meal.

4. Focus on the mood, not the features

Planners look at several similar event locations and your venue’s features may not set you apart as much as you think. But the mood and atmosphere at every property are unique. Pick photos and clips that highlight your style and overall setting, not just your fixtures. You can write about those in the description or the venue factsheet.

5. Keep the experience consistent

Once someone reaches out with an RFP, you know you’ve already made a good impression. Keep that going with a proposal whose branding reflects the style on your website and in other marketing materials.

6. Use your proposal real estate wisely

Keep your proposal short to minimize how much readers have to scroll. Since images and videos add length, be deliberate about the content you include. You probably don’t need something for every element in your offer. Always think: does this content add value here?

A rule of thumb is to add two to three images of function rooms and guest rooms. Shoot from different angles and highlight the USP. For event venues, show them empty and with guests to offer both perspectives. One image is enough for F&B offers and day delegate rates.

Finally, use visuals in landscape format. The portrait format can look awkward and add unnecessary length to your proposal.

7. Wow guests from the start

Include a video as a background in your header to welcome readers with a bang. The clip should offer a general overview of your property and portray the hotel’s atmosphere. This sets the mood and primes your prospect for your offer.

8. Keep videos short and to the point

Your potential clients don’t want to see a feature film. Draw them in with a short, well-branded clip of 20-30 seconds that showcases your USPs.

If you’re including a clip about a specific service, pick one from your library that’s relevant to the guest’s RFP. These can be in the 5-15 second range. Use no more than one video for the various sections of your proposal to avoid overwhelming your reader with content.

Visual content is a valuable yet underused tool to make your event proposals more expressive and boost conversions.

Take advantage of it to showcase your venue in the best light and make your offer stand out.

You’ll be surprised by how much more business you start winning.

Not sure how to include all those visuals without creating huge, unwieldy files your potential guests will refuse to download?

Then it’s time to check out Proposales.

Find out how you can make your proposals visual masterpieces in only a few clicks in a no-strings-attached demo - just give us a shout!