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Complementary Custom Branding feature for your hotel proposals

Proposales™ interactive and fully web-based proposals are simple to create, edit, send and e-sign. Offer your customers a modern booking experience and gain the data insights that you’ve always needed.

But the best way to understand Proposales is to see it: Sign up for a free example proposal created with Proposales™.

Proposales modern interface to send proposals.

Proposales™ is trusted and loved by over hundreds hotels & chains worldwide including Design Hotels

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Complementary Custom Branding feature

Offer valid until 20th of December 2023 for all Design Hotels members:

12 month-term agreement with payment starting in 2024

Access to the Custom Branding feature

Two-way integration set up with OPERA Cloud, MEWS and/or Stripe (& many more)

Rapid Design Hotels onboarding with a dedicated Customer Success Manager

* This offer is available only for Design Hotels members.

A streamlined RFP workflow built for success.

Proposales is built around simplicity and connectivity so that your sales team can create, send and reply faster than ever before to visually appealing business proposals. Connect your PMS and see your RFP’s converting into accepted deals at the speed of light.

Custom branding & streamlined content

Standardize fonts, colors, menus, and other branding items to ensure brand consistency across all hotels.

Inbox widget to collect requests on your website

Collect RFPs on your website with the Inbox widget. More qualified leads than your traditional web form.

E-sign, invoice & pay

Seal the deal the modern way with a click. Ask for invoicing detail and generate payment links automatically.

Data insights & reports

Understand which deals you are winning and why. Our proposal format offers full advantage of structured data.

Connects seamlessly with your PMS & other business-critical tools

Streamline operations and improve the buying experience for guests with our two-way integrations that are made for your hotels. Get the best of two worlds.


Two-way integration with OPERA Cloud PMS and OPERA Sales and Event Management (OSEM) for:

  • Instant inventory updates
  • Creating proposals through available OPERA Cloud booking data & content (accommodation/function space)
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Two-way integration with Mews PMS for:

  • Instant inventory updates (accept/reject/expired)
  • Creating proposals through available Mews booking data & content
  • Upselling through data import in Mews
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Two-way integration with Infor HMS and Infor Sales and Event Management for:

  • Instant inventory updates
  • Creating proposals through available Infor booking data & content (accomodation/function space)
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Connect with anything.

Connect Proposales to other PMS or CRM (or both simultaneously) and other business-critical tools for your hotel. Check out all of our integrations with the button below.

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Join the modern way to send proposals.

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Understand how leading hotels already use Proposales to sell faster (and smarter)


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